Awareness of The World

Through this section of our curricular provision, we provide pupils with specific skills, knowledge and understanding in relation to history, geography and modern foreign languages (MFL). Links with schools in other countries are also used to enhance learning opportunities for pupils.


The history curriculum at Manor Farm Academy is split into four key areas: People and Places, Significant Events, Skills within History and Chronology.

  • 'People and Places' includes the study of local history as well as a range of early civilisations, non-European societies and British history.
  • 'Significant Events' includes an understanding of events central to British history, awareness of significant historical events within the wider world and an understanding of how these events have shaped modern life.
  • 'Skills Within History' includes using sources to find and interpret historical information, making connections between people, places and events studied and using key historical terminology when discussing the past.
  • 'Chronology' refers to children developing a secure and coherent understanding of the chronological narrative from the earliest times to the present day. Children develop an understanding of where any time period studied fits within the wider chronological picture of the history of the United Kingdom.


The Geography curriculum at Manor Farm Academy is split into four key areas: Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Human and Physical Geography, and Geographical Skills and Understanding.

  • The study of ‘Location’ improves children’s understanding of key geographical facts including locating continents, countries, cities and landmarks worldwide
  • The study of ‘Place’ seeks to develop an understanding of the contrasting localities found on Earth, both human and physical and the interconnected nature of these places
  • The study of ‘Human and Physical Geography’ develops children’s understanding of both the physical and human processes apparent on Earth and the vocabulary associated with these phenomena
  • The study of ‘Geographical Skills and Fieldwork’ develops children’s understanding of the world through practical experiences whilst allowing them to develop the key skills needed to develop their knowledge and understanding further

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

French is taught regularly to ensure progression and skills development. Although MFL is a cross-curricular subject, children are taught specific skills and vocabulary in dedicated French lessons. Visiting specialists will also occasionally provide additional input in to MFL sessions. Pupils learn vocabulary linked to a range of themes such as greetings, jobs, space etc. 

International Links

Understanding, self-confidence, tolerance and respect are values that we at Manor Farm Academy want to develop in every child in our care. By ensuring our pupils are aware of the community they live in, and develop an awareness of other communities beyond the immediate, we believe that our pupils will develop an understanding of the diverse world in which we live, and will begin to develop the skills necessary to make a positive contribution to an ever changing world. A strong international element to the curriculum as well as links with schools overseas give children opportunities to learn these values. Through the inclusion of an international focus, we are able to offer to our children, a range of experiences that will enhance their learning and raise awareness of their national and international identity. Through our provision, we aim to:

  • Provide an informed awareness of countries, cultures and languages other than our own
  • Encourage greater involvement in environmental issues
  • Develop curiosity about other cultures
  • Enable children, staff and governors to experience aspects of daily life in other countries
  • Prepare each student to be a compassionate and responsible member of a rapidly changing global society
  • Promote the use of ICT in meaningful contexts for the development of communication skills
  • Provide an added opportunity for the promotion of equal opportunities, racial equality and Citizenship