At Manor Farm Academy, we believe that the promotion of health education is of paramount importance, and although health education is described within the following two areas, it is an area of learning that is prevalent within the wider curricular provision.

Healthy Lifestyle

We pride ourselves on the quality of provision we are able to offer in relation to the area of health education. Amongst a range of areas, children learn about the effects of exercise, the importance of a balanced diet and how to prepare healthy meals, positive mental health and how to stay safe in a range of situations. Children are actively involved in supporting each other, and contributing towards the healthy atmosphere within the academy.

For further information related to how health is promoted within the curriculum, please also see our Religion and Wellbeing page.

Physical Education

Children will experience a broad range of activities in their PE lessons. This will include dance and gymnastic activities, athletics, swimming and team games. Children have opportunities to improve upon their individual performances, and to compete in teams and as individuals. They are encouraged to overcome challenges and to participate in competitive physical activities. The academy aims to promote the enjoyment of PE for all children whatever their level of ability, and makes use of sports specialists to provide coaching for pupils.