Reception Mrs Giles

Welcome to the Reception page!

The Reception team is comprised of a teacher, Mrs Giles, and teaching assistants, Mrs Brown and Mrs Speed. We will work together to make your child’s time in Reception the best that it can be!

Our Topic

An Overview of the Topic

This Term, our topic is ‘Our World’.

We shall be engaging in a wide range of learning experiences which will help us to further develop our understanding of the world around us. Activities will encourage us to become independent, motivated learners.

Please find below the key elements of our learning.

The Core Areas of Learning

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Encouraging children to become independent learners, selecting their own resources needed for a task.
Developing an understanding of right and wrong.
Encouraging perseverance towards an end goal.
Considering the consequences of their own actions.
Caring for each other and respecting each other’s property.
Developing a feeling of being part of a class team.
Preparing for change as we get ready to move into Year One.

Communication, Language and Literacy

Encouraging children to use spoken and written language in their play.
Learning songs related to the topic area.
Learning appropriate ways to speak to each other, negotiating plans and taking turns to speak and to listen.
Using language to create roles whilst engaging in role play or small world activities.
Learning to recognise and spell high frequency words in reading books and in the environment.
Learning to write simple labels, captions and sentences with support.
Remembering the rules for writing, including capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
Learning long vowel sounds in reading.

Physical Development

Developing physical skills such as throwing and catching
Taking part in team games.
Developing the ability to negotiate spaces and avoid obstacles.
Learning to build and balance with a range of large scale equipment.
Learning to work safely with a wide range of small and large equipment and tools.
Fine motor control will be developed by engaging in tasks such as threading, sewing, drawing, writing, pegging and painting.
Developing further control over fine motor equipment.

Mathematical Development

Developing further number recognition and understanding of number.
Learn to sort objects using both given and their own criteria.
Use comparative language to talk about sets of objects. (More/ fewer etc.)
Develop the ability to talk about both 2d and 3d shapes.
Develop the skill of saying more or less than a given number.
Learn to solve addition and subtraction problems using a variety of methods to support.
Double and halve numbers.

Understanding the World

Children will be learning to distinguish between animals that are local and those from other habitats.
Develop an understanding of growth and change in the natural world.
Learn about other cultures and traditions.
Learn about different kinds of animals and how to care for them.
Learn to ask appropriate questions about a given subject matter, and develop the skill of researching answers.
Look closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change around them.
Show care and concern for each other, for creatures and for the school environment.
Further develop the skills needed to operate simple ICT equipment. E.g. iPads, remote controlled objects or toys.
Use a mouse with developing skill.
Enjoy learning through using a computer and ipad.

Expressive Arts and Design

Develop understanding of pitch, volume and pace in music.
Further develop a repertoire of songs.
Construct using a wide range of materials, with a specific purpose in mind.
Problem solve when constructing.
Use simple tools safely and effectively.
Experiment with different mark making tools and techniques.
Express ideas through imaginative play.
Explore the qualities of different materials.

Enterprise and Philosophy

Enterprise this term will comprise of pupils developing their skills to plan and carry out an event, further exploring the value of coins and developing business skills.
The Philosophy Curriculum will aim to teach pupils to use a range of age appropriate language in order to have a debate or discussion and give reasons for their ideas.

Visits and Visitors

We will be having visitors in to talk to us about gardening.

We will also be having a visitor in to talk to us about Ramadan.


Homework will be handed out every Monday. Please add any photos or comments following on from this onto Tapestry for us to see.

Outdoor clothing

As the weather warms up the children are beginning to remove coats/jumpers at playtimes. Please ensure ALL clothing is named to ensure it finds its way back to the rightful owner. Children may need sun hats and cream in warmer weather as we will continue to work outside for 50% of the day.


PE will remain on a Friday and will be led by a professional coach. Please ensure that PE kits are in school all week in case of any extra activities.

How Can you Help?

Please support the development of reading skills with your child by making time each day to enjoy sharing their home reading book, and looking at their sight words or spellings.
Try to complete the homework activities each week and share any learning at home with us through Tapestry, although there is no expectation that homework is completed.
Practise your child’s number recognition and skills regularly too.


Reading sessions with the class teachers will take place throughout the week with your child changing their book when required. We will usually swap books once we can see that it has been shared at home. We will aim to read with each child twice a week and to test their spellings/sight words each Friday.

We value the support of all parents and carers. If you feel that you can help in any way with the work we are covering then please let us know or If you would like any further information regarding this term’s curriculum please do not hesitate to contact school. Thank you, Mrs Giles