Year 1 Mrs Rocks

Hello! Welcome back to our Year One class page.

This term our topic is, "Holidays!" We are all looking forward to finding out about different holiday destinations around the world and will be taking part in lots of learning connected with this. Summer is an exciting time of the year!

Each day we will have a  "Morning Work Challenge" ready for us in the classroom. Much of this will be connected to phonics, as our Phonics Screen Check will take place soon. We will continue to use our "Life Skills" to help us to learn throughout the day and we will also continue to work on our Enterprise skills and Philosophy skills each week. These are key aspects of the Manor Farm curriculum.

Each week at Manor Farm Academy your children will take part in a range of practical, skills based learning which is designed specifically to be differentiated to the needs of your child. Outlined below is a brief outline of the content of our learning programme for this term.

Literacy and Phonics

The children will engage in a Literacy and Phonics session every day. There will be time to revisit the skills learned in Termlets 1 to 4 and then build on these to further develop reading and writing abilities. We also value practical drama type learning along with role play and the use of games to motivate and encourage learners in Year One. The children may be taught by any of the skilled and highly experienced members of the team here at Manor Farm. We also pride ourselves on the individual nature of our bespoke afternoon learning programmes where children are nurtured in small groups or individually in order to further their skills in phonics. Reading, writing, spelling and grammar will all continue to be interwoven into our daily routines, moving towards the use of Active English when the children are ready for this.


All children will engage in a maths session daily, which again is designed to be a flexible model. Topics within maths ill last for two weeks. As the children learn, grow and develop their skills at varying rates, they are provided with opportunities which best meets their next step needs. Much of the work in the Summer Termlets will be centred around the application of number and the practical aspects of caacity, space and direction. Counting accurately, ordering numbers and seeing pattern in number are all very important basic skills that we would like all of our children to be confident in. Besides this we will also be learning about  time and and the language associated with this.


Our topic "Holidays!", is excellent in providing a starting point for a range of learning opportunities which broaden the skills and knowledge base of our children. We will be finding out about Victorian seaside holidays, climate and the seven wonders of the world. Within The Arts the children will learn about the atr of the Impressionists, compose and perform related pieces of music and engage daily in our role play challenge complete with costumes applicable to staying safe in the sun! We will also look into world geography and find out together where various landmarks and places of interest are as part of our geographical understanding. R.E. sessions this term will largely focus on Judaism and Jewish traditions.


The children are extremely lucky in having the expertise of the Multi Sports Pro team to work with them again this term. They will be helping the children to perfect their tennis and swimming skills, and will build upon the skills that were taught last year.