Year 2 Miss Hudson

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In Year 2, our Class Teacher is Miss Hudson and our Class Teaching Assistant is Miss Morley.  On this page, you can find out about the learning that takes place in the classroom. Our learning links to specific topics that are designed to be taught across a two termlet time period. You can use this page to find out more about the topics we focus on. The page also contains a summary of what we will learn about in each topic. We hope you enjoy having a look at our page!


This term our topic is:  'What a wonderful world'. 


History, Geography & Science

In History, the children will develop their understanding of Florence Nightingale and Neil Armstrong and discuss why they are important and what impact they have had on today's society. They will also learn about our local aerobatic team, Red arrows, and discuss their importance to local life. In Geography, the children will be using maps, atlases and globes to locate and name the seven continents of the world, the 5 oceans around the world and Year 2 will begin to identify hot and cold areas around the world in relation to the equator and the poles. In Science, children will be able to name the parts of a plant, develop their understanding of how plants change over seasons and explore how plants survive and stay healthy.  The children will also learn to perform simple tests and gather data to answer scientific questions such as 'Where does a flower grow the tallest, in the light or dark?'

The Arts

In Art, the children will be focusing on developing their stitching skills this term. When stitching, children will learn about the equipment, how to stay safe and the different stitching techniques. In Music, the children will learn how to find the pulse and beat to a song, begin to learn how to identify notes on some instruments and play untuned and tuned instruments. The children will use these skills to compose a short piece of music in groups. In cookery, children will develop their skills by combining a range of ingredients and practicing the skill of whisking. 

What a wonderful world of dance!

During PE lessons, children will experience a range of dances from across the world. Children will improve their balance and co-ordination skills whilst also developing spatial awareness and the ability to dance in pairs and alone. With their MSP coach the children will be developing their gymnastics skills.  Please make sure that PE kits are in school from Monday to Friday each week. 

Design and Technology

In DT, children will explore and use mechanisms in their products. They will understand what movement and mechanics are whilst considering what parts of a vehicle create the mechanism for movement. The children will then create a model of a ‘Red Arrow’ by appropriately selecting a chassis, wheels, axels, pulleys, sliders and levers so the plane can move. 

Religious Education

In RE, children will develop their understanding of Christianity. They will explore Christian stories that appear in the bible, explain which is their favourite and discuss their importance.

We are astronauts!

In Computing, children will develop their computing skills by using a software called 'scratch' in order to introduce them to programming games.  Children will be given the opportunity to recap their core ICT skills and will build on these throughout the termlet.


Throughout the term, children will have the opportunity to think about their Enterprise project, create action plans, understand the value of money and how to make profit. 


In French, children will learn how to name body parts and family members whilst revisiting previous learning of colours, numbers and greetings. 


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